Integrity Assurance

C&D Access & can help you maintain plant uptime and avoid unwanted shutdowns / failures by the use & application of the very latest in inspection technology. Our professional staff can carry out detailed “In service / On line” inspections. We also can carry out in depth Base Line Surveys and Subsequent Follow up Inspections of a wide variety of plant & pipework.

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection using Manual and Automated Ultrasonic techniques, TOFD & Phased Array
  • Monitoring of known Anomalies & Critical sizing
  • Anomaly Management
  • Pipeline & Pressure Vessel ASME code Calculations Undertaken
  • Repair Strategies & Fabric Maintenance
  • Full Inspection / Surveys of Vessels, Pipework & Deadlegs
  • Corrosion–under-Insulation (CUI) Surveys Using the Latest FLIR Thermography Equipment
  • Marine surveys Including Ballast, Bulk Storage Tanks & Ship’s Hull Surveys
  • Specialist at height & confined space inspection & NDE

Asset Integrity Inspections

Let C&D Access help you manage your Asset Integrity, our multi disciplined team of inspectors can carry out detailed inspection & if required maintenance of Safety Critical Elements (SCEs) including:

  • Pressure Systems Inspection (Vessels & Pipelines)
  • Safety Systems including Deluge & Sprinkler pipework, Dry & Wet Riser inspection
  • Passive Fire Proofing (PFP) inspection (On & Offshore)
  • Hydrocarbon Leak Prevention Inspections (On & Offshore)
  • Structural Inspections including Blast & Wind Walls (On & Offshore)
  • Inspection of Gratings & Hand Rails (Escape to Sea Routes)

Our clients

Our clients are active in the oil and gas industry (offshore and onshore), the petrochemical and chemical industry, the power generation sector (conventional, renewable and nuclear power plants), C&D contributes towards ensuring the quality and integrity of the physical assets. We strive to support our clients to have safe, reliable and efficient operations through assuring the technical integrity of their assets.

Our approach

Our approach is to make the maximum contribution to the productivity, quality and safety of clients’ installations.


The use of selective preventive and predictive testing and inspection programs can enable considerable reductions in downtime for operating processes or during new constructions. Careful planning also helps limit shut down time for maintenance and increases the interval time between shut downs. In this way, costs are reduced and productivity stays high. By also carrying out pre-inspections, and together with the client reviewing logistical processes both before and after shut down, further savings are also possible (often more than the cost of the testing itself).


C&D specialists are trained to the highest standards to enable optimal application of carefully controlled NDT&I procedures and to meet stringent testing standards.

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