Our expertise across this sector means we have strong relationships and alliances with our diverse supply chain partners. This enables us to access the most advanced technological systems and processes in line with customer requirements. Across all markets, safety and business sustainability are cornerstones of our activities. C&D Access is a leading provider of inspection and management services to complex capital projects and provides full life cycle services including shut down management and outline maintenance packages. Our workforce have a significant track record in assisting customers to improve the availability, reliability and cost effectiveness of their assets.

Oil and Gas

Our workforce has continued a rich tradition of working in the Oil and Gas sectors, including Onshore New Fabrications, Offshore Maintenance, Inspection and Repair. We have long-term customer relationships with a portfolio of leading national and international oil and gas operating companies, affording us a unique and valuable combination of experience and global perspective. We have a strong reputation for balancing global excellence with local delivery within the oil and gas industry.


Our extensive experience in the commercial sector has included our involvement in a wide variety of new build projects, re-generation, maintenance and repair of commercial buildings and structures throughout the United Kingdom, which include Shopping Centers, Football Stadiums, Racecourses, High Rise Buildings and Monuments. We offer a flexible approach to all types of projects, ensuring to provide tailored solutions to suit the specific requirements of the client. C&D Access offers a flexible approach to all types of projects, thus enabling us to provide tailored solutions to suit the specific requirements of the Project in hand.


We incorporate the latest technologies, and provide advanced construction and operational expertise to maintain, improve and increase the capacity of transportation by critical infrastructure. C&D Access has extensive experience of working for on a wide variety of Infrastructure Projects on behalf of the Highways Agency, Network Rail, utilities and aviation sectors.


Our expertise lies in ensuring our clients achieve safe, cost-efficient, and flawless operations with a comprehensive range of Marine Assurance solutions tailored to meet internal, regulatory, and industry standards. Our competent team of marine specialists carry out detailed inspections, surveys, and audits to make sure operations run smoothly, safely, and in compliance with the highest standards, while reducing risk and boosting production and performance.

Power Generation

Continued support for continuous power supply C&D Access is a maintenance provider with extensive experience in power generation industry. We understand what power generation services are necessary for market leaders, and meet your ever-evolving requirements. Using our expertise and multi-disciplined rope access services for inspection, maintenance, repair and confined space, we support our clients ensuring their operations continue reliably and according to planned maintenance.

Renewable Energy

C&D Access proudly offer industrial services for onshore and offshore wind farms during construction, installation, and operation, with fully trained GWO technicians. Our services include consulting, inspection, site survey, maintenance and repair services. With an increasing demand for clean energy sources, wind powered electricity is growing in use throughout the world. C&D Access are on board with this growing trend and we are prepared to service your equipment regardless of the height and location.