C&D Access offer a complete solution to aerial inspection using the latest technology. Our drones are able to inspect those hard to reach areas minimising the risk of the workforce. With live video feedback from our drones we are able to remotely inspect from the ground, not only does this provide high quality 1080p feedback both for our inspection/repair team we can also relay the videos/photos back to our clients. Using our drone service drastically speeds up completion time of any repair/inspection.

ROAV inspection for the offshore oil & gas industry

Our roots in the offshore oil and gas industry ensure that we understand your goal to maintain the highest level of safety whilst operating at maximum efficiency. By using our combination of UAV and experienced offshore engineers to inspect your assets whilst they remain live we can help you to achieve this goal. For flare tips, flare booms and other structures C&D Access can give you the information you need to help make tough operational or project decisions by reducing unknowns.


Inspections for Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Highly experienced having completed inspections at multiple offshore platforms for some for the world’s largest oil and gas companies
  • Fully qualified inspection engineers with extensive offshore experience
  • Highly trained and experienced ROAV pilots with offshore experience
  • All personnel have offshore survival and medical certifications
  • Highly experienced in the requirements for safe offshore operation and the preparation of suitable risk assessments and method statements